Eating too much salt poses a risk to bones, can cause osteoporosis, do you also use too much?


We often use too much salt to add flavor to food, but did you know that eating more salt can cause serious harm to our health? Especially our bones are heavily damaged by this. The sodium present in salt removes bone-strengthening calcium from the body, which weakens the bones. Sodium pushes calcium out of the body through urine. This causes calcium deficiency in the bones and they start to weaken.

Apart from this, excess salt also removes water from the body, which weakens the bone cells. Doctors recommend that taking more than 5 grams of salt per day can be harmful. To keep your bones strong, reduce salt in food and eat more fresh and healthy food.

What is Osteoporosis?

When the bones start to weaken, cracks will start forming in them. Doctors call this condition osteoporosis. In this, the bones become painful and breakable. Therefore, we should eat less salt. It is very important to keep bones healthy. There can be many other reasons for osteoporosis such as calcium and vitamin D deficiency, Hormonal disturbances, aging, physical inactivity and excessive salt intake.

Know its symptoms

Pain and swelling in the bones

Brittle bones

Feeling tired when working hard

Decrease in height

Spinal cord tilt

How osteoporosis can be avoided

Calcium and Vitamins Eat foods rich in D. Eat milk, yogurt, cheese, vegetables etc.

Limit salt intake and do not take more than 5 grams daily.

Vitamins obtained from sunlight Sit in the sun for at least 15-20 minutes every day.

Do exercise and yoga. Weight-bearing exercises help prevent osteoporosis.

Do not smoke. Smoking weakens bones.

Get treatment for testosterone deficiency. Low testosterone can cause osteoporosis.


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