These Ayurvedic herbs help in controlling high blood pressure, use this way


The problem of high blood pressure is very high these days. Wrong lifestyle and excessive stress are making people blood pressure patients. To control which often have to resort to medicines. Once the high BP medicines have been started, it often has to be taken forever. But the solution to the problem of high BP is also hidden in Ayurveda. Some herbs of Ayurveda help in controlling blood pressure.

Triphala is a very effective medicine of Ayurveda. Apart from stomach diseases, it is also used for eyesight. Along with this, this powder also helps in controlling high blood pressure. Triphala has anti-inflammatory properties which help blood cells to circulate blood properly. This Ayurvedic powder prepared by mixing Amla, Vibhitika and Haritika also shows effect in high BP.

The connection of high blood pressure is mostly related to stress and tension. Ashwagandha helps in reducing stress and tension and acts as a good sleep medicine. You can drink Ashwagandha powder by mixing one spoon in lukewarm water daily. This will help in controlling blood pressure.

Arjun bark
Bark of Arjuna tree is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine. Drinking tea made from this bark provides relief in the problem of high blood pressure. Arjuna bark has the ability to reduce cholesterol. Due to which the blockage in these blood cells is removed. Due to which the problem of high blood pressure is relieved.

beet juice
Many times the problem of high BP is due to the lack of magnesium minerals in the body. In such a situation, drinking beetroot juice daily is beneficial. Beetroot contains all the essential minerals and antioxidants. Nitrate, potassium, phytochemical and magnesium are present in good amount in beetroot. Which help the cells to circulate the blood easily. After knowing the cause of high BP, Ayurvedic remedies can be tried.


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