Does drinking hot water increase uric acid? What does the report say


When you eat more protein-rich foods and the body is not able to metabolize this protein properly, then the waste product of protein i.e. purine increases, which increases the uric acid level. After this, small stones of purine start accumulating in your bones and then this causes gout problems related to bones and kidney stones. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to take care of some things in the diet, such as hot water.

According to this research published in PubMed, when we drink hot water, urate crystals dissolve when heated. This means that hot water melts the purines and stones stored in your body and prevents them from sticking to the walls of the bones. This means that the urate crystals around the joint decrease, and the rest slowly flush out from the body and uric acid starts decreasing.

  1. Reduces joint pain

Whenever uric acid increases, it causes a gap in the bones and then there is a sharp pain. Apart from this, there is a kind of stretch in the joints and blood circulation is affected. In such a situation, drinking hot water helps to reduce this gap and correct blood circulation. Apart from this, it also reduces inflammation and helps in preventing the problem of high uric acid.

  1. Detoxify purine

It is very important to detoxify purine in your body. Actually, detoxifying the dirt stored in the blood from time to time can help protect you from many diseases and this is what happens when you drink hot water. Hot water not only prevents purine from freezing, but it also accelerates the speed of purines digestion in the body.

So, for all these reasons, you should drink hot water on an empty stomach every morning. This will not only help in controlling the increased uric acid but will also prevent many problems.


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