Easy and home ayurveda treatment to strengthen hair and regrow hair


Hair fall is a big problem all over the world. Even in India, baldness is a cause of trouble for people. Baldness occurs in men as well as women. Hair fall is very common in women. In such a situation, there is an easy and home treatment to strengthen hair and regrow hair.

Take 60-70 grams of Kaner leaves (either red or yellow or both together) and first clean them thoroughly with a dry cloth so that the soil on them is removed… Now take one liter of mustard. Take oil or coconut oil or olive oil and put chopped leaves in it. Now keep the oil to heat. When all the leaves burn and turn black, throw them away and cool the oil, filter it and keep it in a bottle.

Method of use: – Every day, wherever there is no hair, take some oil and massage it for 2 minutes and then forget about it till the next day. You can apply this at night while sleeping and also during the day before going to work. You will start seeing the effect in just one month. Within just 10 days, hair fall will stop or reduce it significantly. ..and new hair will also start growing within a month.

Note:- This remedy is completely tested.. We have successfully tested it on at least 10 people… A woman’s hair fall was not stopping for 14 years. With this oil, hair fall stopped in just 6 days. I have seen hair growth of men up to 65 years of age using this oil. You should also avail the benefits and if anyone notices any difference then please let us know.

Alert-: The juice present in the Kaner plant is very poisonous. So it is only for external use, no one should eat it even by mistake.this treatment should be done under the supervision of a trained Ayurvedacharya.


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