Know what are the disadvantages of eating too much sour food, there may be problems in fertility


Some people consume more sour things in their food. Whether it is sour, tamarind, lemon or pickle. Sour food can imbalance the functioning and pH levels of all the organs of your body. Actually, our body has its own level such as acid level and basic level. When you eat sour, it creates an imbalance between these two and damages the trench organs. Apart from this, it can also cause degradation of many elements, which can increase many problems of the body rapidly.

  1. Depletes calcium

Eating too much sour food can cause calcium depletion in the body. Due to this, calcium, along with water, starts flowing through urine and damages bones. This causes the bones to gradually become hollow and weaken from inside. Apart from this, it can cause the problem of arthritis and osteoporosis. Therefore, if you want strong bones, avoid eating too much sour food.

  1. Makes the layers of the tooth hollow

Eating too much sour food hollows out the layers of your teeth and damages it. This causes the teeth to become weak from inside. This can cause pain in the tooth at any time or the teeth can quickly deteriorate and break. Also, the problem of worms in the teeth can also increase rapidly.

  1. Damages good bacteria

Eating too much sour food damages the good bacteria. Not only this, it also spoils the pH of the stomach and causes many problems. Like it can cause things like indigestion, indigestion, abdominal pain, constipation and nausea. Apart from this, eating sour food can worsen your digestion and you can be constantly troubled by problems like sour taste.

  1. Damages fertility

Too much sour food can harm fertility. Actually, it causes hormonal health and period disturbances. Secondly, it can also spoil the quality of eggs and sperm in men. Apart from this, it is not right to eat too much sour food even during pregnancy. So, if you have a habit of eating too much sour then you should avoid it. Otherwise, it can be harmful for you.


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