Why does a fever come after a rain? Know the symptoms of rainy fever


At this time many states of India are going through rain and floods. Although waterlogging is decreasing in some places, but due to this, there is a risk of diseases. In such a situation, the risk of viral fever or say rainy fever has increased. But the question is, what is rain fever? How rain is linked to fever and is there any way you can avoid this problem? Let’s know about all these things in detail.

Why does fever occur after rain?

There are many reasons behind fever after rain, one of which is leptospirosis. These bacterial infections affect both humans and animals and a person suffering from it can have high fever, headache, chills, vomiting, jaundice, abdominal pain and rashes. This actually happens in areas where there is a situation of waterlogging for a long time and all the water becomes contaminated. Due to this infected water, people can get infection, which causes this fever.

  • Fever that occurs at regular intervals
  • Severe headache
  • Severe pain and stiffness in the body
  • Fever accompanied by chills

Fever that is not cured immediately with medicines.

Other causes of fever after rain

There can be many other reasons for fever after rain, one of which is mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. Apart from this, you may also have fever due to chikungunya and typhoid in this season. So, do not ignore any fever and see a doctor. Also, try to eat fresh hot food. Drink the water by boiling and cooling it and sleep with a mosquito net. Apart from this, do not store water in pots and coolers etc. so that mosquitoes disturb you.


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