Along with joining bones, this plant also provides relief from sprains


Today we are telling you about such a plant, the medicines made from which are now prescribed even by those who practice modern medicine. But this tree was written about in the texts of Ayurveda long ago. In ancient times, experts in Ayurveda used to join bones with the help of this plant. The name of this plant is Hadjod. As this plant got its name because it joins the bones, it is a vine which is easily planted in the house. However, compound fracture cannot be cured with the help of this plant. But a single bone break can be repaired. For this the leaves and stem of the plant are used.
In Ayurveda, many doctors provide cheap and better treatment in villages and rural areas. This treatment is good for small children also.
Its use has been written in many books of Ayurveda.

How to use:-
Dry and grind the leaves of this plant. Add urad dal equal to the amount of leaves and grind it. Now make a wet paste of it. Now straighten the bone with the help of bamboo wood. After this, apply this paste on cotton cloth and tie the cloth. Tie the bamboo stick from above with the help of Kusha. Kusha is a native grass. This coating has to be changed every third day.

This will also have to be eaten:-
Along with this, take small peepli along with its leaves, roasted wheat flour, Arjun bark in equal quantity and grind them finely. If your weight is 60 kg then mix 6 grams of powder with ghee. After eating this, drink turmeric milk. Add sugar or honey in milk.

Second solution:-
If you find this solution difficult then mix 2 teaspoons of juice of leaves of Hadjod plant with 1 teaspoon of ghee. Then after eating this, drink 250ml milk. Along with applying the paste, you have to use either of the two remedies for 4 weeks.

How bones join:-
Natural calcium is found inside the joints which helps in joining the bones. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and pain in hands and feet. The calcium found in bones along with the calcium in bamboo helps in joining bones.
This treatment should be done under expert supervision only. It will not be beneficial if the quantity of Harjod is more or less. Following is the method of eating Harjod to join the bones because Harjod is very beneficial in joining the bones. To join bones, drinking 10 to 15 ml Hadjod juice mixed with ghee and adding linseed oil to it and tying it on the broken places helps in joining bones. And drinking 2 to 5 grams of Hadjod powder with milk also helps in joining bones.

Apart from this, this plant is also useful in many other problems, some of which we are mentioning below.

For sprain pain:-
To relieve the pain of sprain, home remedy for sprain is very beneficial. The method of consuming Hadjod for sprain pain is as follows: For this, boil the juice of Hadjod mixed with sesame oil, then filter it and apply it on the sprained area, it provides a lot of relief.

Relief from spinal pain:-
To get relief from spinal pain, heating the leaves of Hadjod and applying it on the affected part provides great relief from the pain in the spinal bones.

To increase digestive power:-
Hadjod is used as a medicine to increase digestive power. For this you can consult your Ayurvedic doctor and consume it.

For body pain:
To get relief from body pain, due to the pain relieving properties found in Hadjod, using Hadjod provides relief from body pain in a short time. For this, use 1 to 2 grams of black pepper, dry ginger and asthisanhar shoot paste.



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