Heart gives 5 signs before heart failure, know when to be alert


Heart failure symptoms: Heart failure is a disease related to the heart, in which the ability of the heart to pump blood gradually weakens. It is a very serious and life-threatening condition. Before heart failure, there are many signs in the body, but they are so common that people do not understand them and keep ignoring them. About symptoms that can be life-threatening to ignore…

  1. Respiratory diseases

Any kind of respiratory disease can be a sign of heart failure. Problems like breathlessness can occur during or even before heart failure. Heart patients should not ignore the problem of breathlessness. It can also lead to death.

  1. Swelling in knees and ankles

If there is swelling in the knees or ankles, then it should be handled, because it can also be a heart-related disease. When the heart is weak, it gives such signs. When the heart does not work properly, the ankles and knees start to swell.

  1. Weakness and fatigue

Fatigue has become common these days due to poor lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. However, symptoms such as fatigue and weakness can be seen just before heart failure.

  1. Feeling faint

Whenever there is a feeling of fainting, people often associate it with heat or any other problem, but sometimes it can also be a sign of heart-related problems. Therefore, it should never be ignored by mistake.

  1. Cough problem

Problems like cough or wheezing can also be seen before heart problems or heart failure. When the heart does not work properly and water starts accumulating in the lungs, symptoms like cough or wheezing begin to appear. Therefore, such symptoms should never be ignored.


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