How is Javitri used? Know its benefits for health


It is possible to treat many diseases with the spices present in the kitchen of Indian homes. You must have used nutmeg and javitri many times in your house. Both come out of the same tree and adding them to the food enhances the taste and aroma. Javitri is a light yellow, orange or golden spice,, which not only enhances the taste of food, , but is also used in Ayurvedic medicines due to its medicinal properties. Here we are going to tell you the benefits of Javitri, after knowing which you will also be surprised.

Javitri for digestion

Due to disturbances in food, people are often troubled by digestive problems. Fried food outside affects digestion, to correct which people resort to medicines. In such a situation, if you use Javitri in your food, then it will improve your digestive system and also reduce stomach problems.

Javitri for diabetes

Javitri has anti-diabetic properties, adding it to the food can control the level of blood sugar in the body. You can use javitri as a spice in your food, apart from this, drinking javitri tea also provides many benefits to health.

Javitri for Oral Health

If the health of the mouth is not taken care of, then many more serious problems can occur. Javitri is also used to improve oral health. Rich in anti-bacterial properties, javitri contains elements, that help eliminate mouth bacteria.

Javatri for kidneys

Javitri also proves beneficial for kidney health. There are many such properties found in javitri, which are beneficial for the kidneys. Javitri can be used in many ways.

Javitri for joint pain

Due to lack of calcium in the body, people often, start having problems like arthritis, joint pain. In such a situation, the consumption of Javitri, rich in anti-inflammatory properties, reduces the pain and inflammation of arthritis. Many research has revealed that the consumption of Javitri can reduce inflammation and pain.



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