Benefits of cinnamon for men: This spice can protect against prostate cancer


Prostate cancer is a rapidly growing disease in men. This is due to the enlargement of the prostate glands, which grow abnormally and take the form of tumors. In the last several years, there has been a big increase in cases of prostate cancer worldwide. In such a situation, a research by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) has come out in which it has been told how cinnamon can protect you from this dangerous disease. Now you must be thinking that by consuming a spice we can avoid such a serious disease? How do you know?

A study by the ICMR-National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) showed that cinnamaldehyde and its active components cinnamaldehyde and procyanidin B2 (procyanidin B2) have inhibitory effects on early-stage prostate cancer when given orally to mice. That is, when the mice were fed cinnamon, the risk of prostate cancer (prostate cancer) was less in the initial condition.

The chemopreventive effects of cinnamon and its bioactive compounds were studied in a rat model under premalignant prostate carcinogenesis, published in the International Peer Review Journal Cancer Prevention Research. It assessed the chemopreventive (procyanidin B2) efficacy of cinnamon and its bioactive compounds cinnamaldehyde or procyanidin.

As part of this study, adult mice were given cinnamon or its bioactive compounds through a diet before cancer started and the mice were fed for 16 weeks. Research also says that it has been observed that feeding cinnamon or its active compounds showed histologically normal prostate in 60-70% of mice. However, researchers also say that many more research will be done in it so that we have enough information about this anticancer food.



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