If you eat food while standing, there is a risk of diseases like cancer.


If you eat food while standing, it increases your risk of getting Cancer. Eating while standing leads to diseases related to the stomach and intestines, which can even take the form of cancer in the future. This information was given in a function organized on the second foundation day of Radiotherapy Department at Kalyan Singh Cancer Institute.
Dr. Rakesh Kapoor, Chairman of the Radiotherapy Department of PGI Chandigarh, said that eating food while standing is harmful for health. He said that eating and drinking water while standing can cause the acid in the body to rise. Due to this the muscles of the food pipe do not work properly. Due to this, the risk of cancer of the food pipe and intestine also increases. He said that eating food while standing disrupts the normal processes of the body. Food goes directly into the stomach, due to this the body has to work harder to digest the food and sometimes the food is not digested properly. If food is eaten while sitting, then the food will progress in a phased manner and the intestines will not have to work too hard, and the food will also be digested properly.
In various texts of Ayurveda, a lot of emphasis has been laid on eating food while sitting and in a relaxed manner. Ayurvedacharya Anoop Gupta, who runs Sanjeevan Clinic in Sector 93 of Noida, said that in Ayurveda, food has been described as vital, hence it should be given respect. There are different ways of respecting food in different parts of India. If you eat food while sitting then it is very good for health, especially for your joints and knees, but if you eat while sitting in Padmasana then it is very good.In all the books of Ayurveda, instructions have been given to eat food while sitting.


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