Serious diseases can lead to swelling and pain from the knee to the sole of the foot


Swollen Legs Reason’s: If you have constant swelling in the foot below your knee, do not try to ignore it, because these can also be early signs of many serious diseases. Sometimes overwork causes swelling in the legs and then decreases after rest. Are temporary. But a dangerous situation occurs when the feet become swollen for no reason. If there is swelling in the legs or chest pain or pressure in the chest after difficulty in breathing, then contact the doctor without delay. Because your little carelessness can lead to a dangerous situation. Let’s know the problems related to it, Cause and prevention…


Rheumatoid arthritis causes pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints of the body, in which the knees, soles and ankles become swollen, which can bother you.

How to protect

If you want to avoid inflammation and arthritis, then you should focus on controlling uric acid. For this, exercise every day with avoiding high protein diet and weighting.

Kidney disease

People whose kidneys do not work properly, fluid accumulates in their body. Kidney diseases do not show much symptoms, especially until the condition of the kidneys worsens. In such a situation, kidney damage can also occur. In such a situation, there is a problem of breathlessness, There may be problems like very little urination, getting tired quickly and going into a coma.

How to protect

If you want to cure kidney diseases, try taking medicines, low protein diet, vitamin D and calcium supplements. Dialysis or kidney transplant is considered to be the only solution in case of kidney failure.

High cholesterol and peripheral artery disease

According to Cardiovascular Labs of America, if cholesterol levels continue to rise, it can also increase the risk of peripheral artery disease over a period of time. This causes heaviness in the legs. This is an early sign.

How to protect

Foods with saturated fats can be high in cholesterol, so try to choose foods that contain saturated fat, trans fat, sodium i.e. salt and high sugar. Try to eat sea foods, fat-free or low-fat foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Heart disease

Sometimes the legs become swollen when there is some kind of problem in the heart. In such a situation, he can not pump blood properly. If your heart is not pumping blood properly, then it starts retaining water and salt. Due to this, the feet become swollen. Talking about its signs, the heartbeat becomes faster, Breathlessness starts to swell, there is weakness, fatigue, sneezing, no appetite.

How to protect

If you also feel such symptoms, then seek help from the doctor without delay. If the heart ever stops working, then heart transplant surgery is needed.


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