Seven chakras of life and what is the effect of awakening them


There are seven chakras in the human body and they have a great impact on life. If these are awakened then life itself changes. Let us know about these chakras.

  1. Muladharachakra:
    This is the first chakra of the body. This is the ‘Base Chakra’ with 4 petals between the anus and the penis. The consciousness of 99.9% people remains stuck on this cycle and they die while living in this cycle. The energy of those whose life is dominated by pleasure, sex and sleep remains concentrated around this chakra.

Mantra: लं
Method to awaken the Chakra: Man is like an animal as long as he is living in this Chakra, that is why by continuously meditating on this Chakra while maintaining restraint on enjoyment, sleep and sexual intercourse, this Chakra starts awakening. The second rule to awaken it is to remain in the state of witness while following Yama and Niyama.

Effect: When this chakra is awakened, a sense of bravery, fearlessness and joy awakens within the person. To achieve achievements, it is necessary to have bravery, fearlessness and awareness.

  1. Swadhisthanachakra-

This is the chakra which is situated 4 fingers above the base of the penis and has 6 petals. If your energy is concentrated on this chakra only, then fun, entertainment, traveling and having fun will be predominant in your life. You won’t even realize when your life will be spent doing all this and your hands will still be empty.

Mantra: वं

How to wake up: Entertainment is important in life, but entertainment is not a habit. Entertainment also pushes a person’s consciousness into unconsciousness. The film is not true but what you experience by connecting with it is the proof of your living an unconscious life. Drama and entertainment are not true.

Effect: Upon its awakening, destruction of evils like cruelty, pride, laziness, carelessness, disobedience, distrust etc.

It happens. To attain Siddhis, it is necessary that all the above mentioned bad qualities are eliminated, only then Siddhis will knock at your door.

  1. Manipur Chakra:

Located at the root of the navel, it is the third chakra in the body called Manipura, which is made up of 10 lotus petals. The person whose consciousness or energy is gathered here has a passion for work. Such people are called Karmayogi. These people are ready to do every work in the world.

Mantra: रं

How to awaken: To give a positive dimension to your work, you will concentrate on this chakra. Breathe from the stomach.
Effect: Due to its activation, the impurities like thirst, jealousy, gossip, shame, fear, hatred, attachment etc. are removed. This chakra basically provides self-power. To achieve achievements it is necessary to be self-sufficient. To be self-realized, it is important to realize that you are not a body but a soul.

Any goal of life with self-power, self-confidence and self-respect is not rare.

  1. Anahatachakra-

The chakra located in the heart, decorated with twelve golden letters with lotus petals, is the Anahata Chakra. If your energy is active in Anahata then you will be a creative person. Every moment you think of creating something new. You can be a painter, poet, storyteller, engineer etc.

Mantra: यं

How to awaken: By controlling the heart and meditating, this chakra starts awakening. Especially by meditating on this chakra before sleeping at night, it starts getting awakened with practice and Sushumna penetrates this chakra and starts moving upwards.

Effect: When it becomes active, lust, deceit, violence, sophistry, worry, attachment, arrogance, indiscretion and ego are eliminated. The awakening of this chakra leads to the awakening of love and compassion within the person. When it is awakened, knowledge starts appearing automatically at the time of the person. The person becomes a very self-confident, secure, characterfully responsible and emotionally balanced personality. Such a person becomes extremely well-wisher and without any selfishness, a lover of humanity and loved by all.

  1. Vishudhachakra-

There is a place for Saraswati in the throat, where there is Vishuddha Chakra and which has 16 petals. In general, if your energy is concentrated around this chakra, you will be very powerful.

Mantra: Yes

How to awaken: By exercising control over the throat and meditating, this chakra begins to awaken.

Effect: After its awakening one gets knowledge of 16 arts and 16 personalities. With its awakening, hunger and thirst can be prevented and the effects of weather can also be prevented.

  1. Agyachakra:

Ajna Chakra is located in the middle of the eyebrows (in the brow area between the two eyes). Generally the person who has more energy here


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