Ayurvedic ways: How to take care of skin in winter


In winter, the skin becomes very hard and dry, sometimes it cracks and it also starts itching a lot. In such a situation, by applying creams available in the market, many chemicals enter the body through the skin. On which many reports keep coming. In such a situation, Ayurvedic methods can be very beneficial for skin care. Some highlights based on conversations with various experts are given below:

Diarrhea Diet:

For skin care in winter, priority should be given to vatapithara food in the diet. This should include apples, fruits, pulses, coarse grains, and fresh foods. One should stay away from food kept in the fridge.

Use of hot oils:
Hot oils have been used for a long time in winters, hence hot oils should be consumed more. Increase the amount of olive oil, mustard oil, and wheatgrass oil, along with this, these oils should be used for massaging the skin as well as in food, as they soften the skin.

Herbal Face Packs:
Herbal face packs for the skin should be made using Ayurvedic items. A balanced mixture of boiled Neem, Tulsi, and Muleth powders should be mixed with curd to form a paste and used on the skin.

Bathing with lukewarm water:
Taking bath with lukewarm water in winter is good for the skin, it opens the pores and keeps the skin healthy.

Water intake:
Drinking adequate amount of water daily provides the moisture the skin needs and keeps it healthy.

Mahabhringraj Oil Massage:
To keep the skin soft and glowing in winter, one should massage thoroughly with Mahabhringraj oil.

Uses of Ginger and Neem:
Applying Neem paste on the skin opens the pores and protects the skin. You can also grind ginger and extract its juice and apply it on the skin.
If your skin is facing any particular problem, you should consult an expert Ayurvedic doctor.


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