Superfood for Brain: Your child’s brain will be faster, feed these 5 things every day


Superfood for Brain: If you want to make children’s brain sharp and smart, then parents should pay attention to their diet and habits from childhood. If you want your child to be the smartest and intelligent kids, then include some special things in his diet. Healthy kids food and eating things that make the brain sharp improve the mental and physical growth of the child. Today we are telling you about 5 superfoods that sharpen the brain of children. Include these things in the diet of children.

How to make children’s brains sharp

Egg- Egg is very beneficial for health. Eggs contain protein, vitamin-B, vitamin-D, folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids. Which helps in the development of the child’s brain. When your child is 1 year old, feed him an egg daily.

Milk- Nowadays children are most troubled in drinking milk. Many times parents stop giving milk to children to avoid trouble. Which can affect the development of their brain. Milk contains plenty of calcium, calcium and vitamins that make the brain strong. Phosphorus and vitamin D are also found in good amounts in milk.

Dry fruits – Make a habit of feeding nuts and seeds to kids since childhood. Children who eat dry fruits every day have a healthy and strong brain. Children must be fed almonds, cashews, figs and walnuts. This gives energy to the body and good development of the mind.

Ghee- Include ghee in the diet of children. Ghee contains a good amount of DHA and good fat. Which leads to the mental development of children. Eating desi ghee strengthens immunity. Ghee has antibacterial, antifungal properties that make digestion strong.

Fruits and vegetables – Include fruits and vegetables in the diet of children. Give fresh vegetables, pulses and yogurt in the food. This will make both the baby’s stomach and brain healthy. Eating fruits and vegetables keeps the body healthy and strengthens immunity. Eating bananas every day sharpens the child’s brain.


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