Easy and fun way to increase oxygen in the body, these diseases will stay away


Improve Oxygen in Body: If you want to keep the body healthy, learn to laugh openly. This habit of yours can improve health in increasing stress and deteriorating lifestyle. Laughter can also help you breathe toxic air and avoid the effects of air pollution. Pollution affects our lungs, due to which there is difficulty in breathing. Laughing works like a natural therapy to meet the lack of oxygen in the body. Laughing openly increases the level of oxygen in the body. People who laugh improve their overall health.

Laughing increases oxygen

Many research has shown that people who laugh openly have good oxygen levels in their body. While laughing, our body takes deep breaths and exhales. Laughing is an exercise that keeps the flow of oxygen in the body fine. Laughing and laughing also increases the level of oxygen in the body. You are full of energy throughout the day.

Laughing controls blood pressure

Laughing openly keeps blood circulation in the body good. Research has revealed that people who laugh a lot also have their blood pressure under control. Doctors also advise people to laugh. You must have often seen people laughing in the park. Those who do laughing exercises.

Laughter boosts immunity

Nowadays people do not know what to do to increase immunity. For this, you also start laughing openly. By laughing openly, the body produces happy hormones, which strengthens immunity. Laughing also reduces the risk of anti-viral and many other infections in the body.

Laughing will relieve stress

Doctors recommend laughing therapy to those who are upset. Laughing helps to ward off mental and physical problems. If you want to stay away from stress, then learn to laugh openly and be happy. This reduces depression, anxiety and stress. Which is becoming the root of every problem nowadays.

Get relief in back pain

The benefits of laughter are not limited to this, it also provides relief in pain. Laughing openly provides relief in spondylitis, back pain. If you have relief from back pain, then you must laugh for 10 minutes daily. This creates endorphin hormone which keeps your whole body happy.


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