Why Ram Lalla is bathed with water containing Ayurvedic medicines


Ram Lalla’s Pran Pratishtha in the Ram temple of Ayodhya on Monday, 22nd January. In this Pran Pratistha, Ram Lalla is being coated with Ayurvedic medicines and bathed on Sunday. Now many people will have a question in their mind as to why the idol of Ram Lalla is being coated with Ayurvedic medicines and bathed. The answer to this is given in our scriptures. Ram Lalla’s life is being consecrated according to the method given in those scriptures.
In this method, 150 learned Pandits from across the country have been called, they are being represented by Pandit Lakshmi Kant Dixit of Kashi and his son Sunil Kant Dixit.

Pt. Sunit Kant Dixit and Pt. Laxmi Kant Dixit
Regarding this, Sunil Kumar Dixit told that, when the idol is made, many people touch the idol, due to which many rog develop in it, medicines are used to remove them and to keep the idol healthy. The paste is applied and the idol is bathed with medicinal water. Which are invoked with mantras.
He told that among the medicines with which Ram Lalla was bathed, there are many other medicines along with the powder of Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Sugandhbala, Guruch, Vacha, Haridra and Amla, powder is made by mixing all these and it is mixed in water. goes. Medicinal bath is given with this water. This water is also brought from rivers and sacred reservoirs in different parts of the country. Saptsagar and the water of holy Manasarovar are prominent in this.

After a long struggle of 500 years, a grand temple of Lord Ram has been completed in Ayodhya. Now on January 22, the idol of Ram Lalla is being consecrated in it. After this this temple will be opened for the common people.


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