Black Turmeric: You will be surprised to hear the benefits of black turmeric, how to use it in headache to asthma


Black Turmeric Benefits: Yellow turmeric is always used in food. But do you know about black turmeric? Due to its medicinal properties, it is used in many diseases. Turmeric is not only used as a spice but it is an Ayurvedic medicine. Many diseases can be avoided by eating it. Not only yellow turmeric, black turmeric is also very beneficial for health. This blue color turmeric is known as black turmeric. This turmeric is grown in some parts of India and is used as a medicine. Very few people know about this turmeric. This turmeric of the ginger family has a lot of medicinal properties.

Help reduce pain

Black turmeric can be considered a good pain killer. It provides great relief in the pain of headache to migraine in the head. By taking this turmeric in very small quantities, there is also relief in problems ranging from osteoarthritis to stomach pain, gas and rashes. Making a paste of fresh turmeric and applying it on the head provides relief in headache.

Relief from stomach problems

By taking black turmeric, digestion is correct. Along with correcting problems in the liver, it corrects bile movement. Taking a small amount of black turmeric with water provides relief in stomach problems.

It also gives benefits in diabetes

If black turmeric is taken in small quantities, it maintains blood sugar levels. It also reduces the risk of excess insulin in the body.

A boon for the lungs

Eating black turmeric is beneficial in lung diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma. It keeps the lungs healthy and removes diseases.

Perfect for the skin

If there are rashes on the skin and there is rash, swelling on the skin, then applying black turmeric paste is beneficial. The anti-inflammatory properties present in it correct the itching of the skin.


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