Naturopathy: Control blood pressure with hydrotherapy


According to Dr. Sujatha George, hydro therapy is given for high BP. Hot foot bath is given in this. With this, the feet are kept in a tub filled with hot water and a cloth of normal water is placed over the head. Keep in mind that water should not drip from the cloth.
Actually, due to cholesterol in the body, the circulation of blood in the arteries of the body slows down. Due to this the pressure on the heart starts increasing. In naturopathy, when we keep our feet in hot water, the body temperature starts increasing and the blood starts moving towards the heart faster. This opens the arteries of the body. Also, due to the water soaked cloth on the head, the body temperature does not rise towards the head. Due to this BP starts becoming normal.
hydro therapy
Hot water expands our blood vessels i.e. arteries, this increases blood circulation and also activates our sweat glands and removes all the toxic substances present in the body. These toxic substances are responsible for BP and other diseases in the body.

Water in Naturopathy

Water is essential for our daily life. Apart from staying healthy, it also helps in treating diseases. The process of using water in treatment is called hydrotherapy or water therapy. This therapy is done to cure diseases like arthritis and fibromyalgia along with burns and septic ulcers. In hydrotherapy, the patient is treated in many ways. Like- cold bath, steam bath, cold pack.


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