Heart Day 2023: How much does BP happen before a heart attack? Find out what’s the connection between the two!


Heart diseases are increasing rapidly these days. The way young people are dying due to heart attack is very frightening. In such a situation, it is very important to be aware of heart attack. The biggest question arises that how much is BP when a heart attack occurs? The second most important question is that if people who have BP problems, do they become victims of heart attack in the future, as well as what is the connection between BP and heart attack in this article.

What is the blood pressure before a heart attack?

Health experts and doctors believe that it is very important to control BP, otherwise it increases the risk of heart attack. A normal blood pressure should be between 120/80. If the BP goes above this, then 140 mmHg and 90 mmHg are considered high BP. When such a situation occurs, the risk of heart attack increases.

What is the relationship between high BP and heart disease?

The heart works to pump blood. In such a situation, BP occurs. When BP increases, the risk of heart attack increases. Because during this time the work of the heart increases. Chest pain, breathing risk increases. Even the artery sometimes ruptures. BP is very dangerous for heart disease. So always keep your BP under control. You may be a victim of serious illness.

How to keep BP under control

First of all, get full sleep so that your BP is not high. Many times it has been seen that people who do not complete their sleep have high BP.

Reduce stress so that your BP remains under control.

To keep BP under control, eat salt under control.

Do not eat processed food, pickles or high-sodium foods as it can also spoil your health.

Include plenty of vegetables and fruits in the diet.

Walk for 30 minutes daily.

If you keep your lifestyle and diet properly, you will avoid diseases, heart attack and stroke.


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