Did you know the benefits of celery and black salt in uric acid?


The increase of uric acid in the body is actually the beginning of poor metabolism. That is, whatever protein-rich foods you are eating, the purine released from it starts accumulating in the body instead of going out of the stool and urine. When it accumulates more, it is forming purines that can accumulate between the bones. These stones actually create a gap between the joints. It becomes inflamed and causes severe pain. In such a situation, celery and black salt can work effectively. Why and how, let’s know in detail about this.

  1. Is anti-inflammatory

Celery and black salt are rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Both of these can reduce inflammation and decrease pain. In such a situation, when your uric acid is increased and the bones are swollen, then consuming these two on an empty stomach can be helpful in reducing inflammation. This creates warmth and then reduces inflammation.

  1. Can flush out stones

Celery and black salt are helpful in flushing out stones. Both of these also work as detoxifying agents. So, they help to flush them out of the body by sticking to the stones of purines. Regular consumption of them for a few days is helpful in reducing the stones deposited in the bones.

  1. Increases metabolic rate

Celery and black salt increase the metabolic rate and speed up the pace of purines digestion. This accelerates protein metabolism and then the body starts digesting purine properly. Apart from this, it helps to remove purine in the body through feces and urine and prevents excess uric acid from accumulating by pulling it out of the body. So, for all these reasons, you should consume black salt and celery daily.


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