Do you cough as soon as you wake up in the morning? Are you in the grip of a serious illness?


You must have seen many people around or in the house who cough a lot in the morning. Then it starts decreasing with the passage of time. People feel this problem throughout the year. Then they get better with the change of weather. Actually, it is a common disease which has common symptoms. In this disease, infection starts to occur as soon as there is air in the lungs. Or say that it is windy. The disease is triggered. Due to which there is a sore throat and then due to allergies, itching and coughing starts in the throat. Due to this, cough intensifies as soon as there is wind in the morning. Let’s know what are the symptoms of this disease.?

These 4 diseases cause severe cough

Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseCOPD

‘Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is characterized by a narrowing of the respiratory tract after a cold air enters the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing. The morning air is cold and triggers lung disease. In such a situation, carbon dioxide does not get out and remains inside the body. Due to which the person starts coughing very fast. Have. Wheezing in the chest and difficulty in breathing.


In the disease of asthma, there is a very strong cough in the morning. Air pollution and cold weather can trigger lungs. There is an allergy in the lungs and due to which people start coughing. There is swelling and irritation in the respiratory tract of an asthma patient. Due to which the disease starts to be triggered. The respiratory tract starts shrinking and the person has difficulty in breathing, due to which the person coughs very fast.


Bronchitis causes inflammation in the respiratory tract of a patient of bronchial cancer. In the morning, as soon as the cold air goes into the lungs, there is a strong cough in the throat. There is swelling and bacteria in the throat, due to which the disease starts to be triggered. However, when severe, mucus starts coming out with a dry cough.


GERD is a disease of the digestive system that causes heartburn and sour tingling, including inflammation of the throat and coughing in the morning.


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