Home remedies to reduce high uric acid, these Ayurvedic methods are present in your kitchen


The problem of high uric acid is increasing day by day in people. Many research has shown that after diabetes in India, people suffer the most from uric acid problem. The main reason for this is lifestyle changes and poor diet. Not only the elderly but also the young are increasingly coming under the grip of this disease. People include a lot of protein-rich things in their diet and let us tell you that purines are the waste product of protein. Purine accumulates between your bones and begins to form stones. Due to which the person has problems like severe pain, swelling, gout in the bones. Here we will tell you some home remedies, by which you can reduce the problem of uric acid.

  1. Garlic

Garlic, rich in medicinal properties, helps in fighting diseases, garlic also proves to be effective in getting rid of the problem of increased uric acid. If you regularly consume 3-4 garlic buds on an empty stomach, then it can get rid of the problem of increased uric acid.

  1. Celery water

Celery is beneficial for health as well as increasing the taste in food. It also has many medicinal properties due to which it helps in increased uric acid and arthritis disease. According to a research, the consumption of celery water can reduce the level of increased uric acid in the body.

  1. Ginger

Anti-oxidants present in ginger rich in medicinal properties can prove to be effective in getting rid of the problem of uric acid.

4.Fennel water

Fennel water rich in anti-inflammatory properties can reduce inflammation in the joints. Due to increasing uric acid in the body, there is swelling in the bones the most, in such a situation, drinking fennel water can prove beneficial for you.

  1. Aloe Vera

You can also use aloe vera to get rid of arthritis disease. The paste of aloe vera gel can prove to be very effective, applying this paste provides relief in the inflammation of arthritis due to uric acid.

Uric acid patients should stay away from these things

Uric acid patients need to pay special attention to their diet. Patients suffering from uric acid should avoid eating more oil and chili food, as well as consume protein-rich things like non-veg and pulses etc. in the diet according to the doctor’s advice.


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