Don’t you eat food without a mobile phone? Be careful, otherwise serious diseases can get caught


Today, the phone has started interfering in our lives so much that our attention is always on the phone while eating, drinking, getting up and sitting. Whether it is breakfast or lunch or dinner, many people have a habit of running the phone even at this time. Because of this, they keep eating for hours. If you are doing the same. Be careful, because it is very dangerous for health. Doing so is like calling diseases themselves. This habit is also seen in children. Parents bow to their stubbornness, but they may not know that it is not right for their child to do so. The use of smartphones while eating food increases the risk of three diseases. Let’s know…

Using the phone while eating food can increase the risk of these diseases


People who watch mobile phones or TV while eating may be at risk of diabetes. In fact, running the phone while eating food does not process food properly. Due to this, weight increases. In such a situation, due to slow metabolism, the risk of diabetes increases manifold.


When you run the phone while eating, your full attention is focused on the phone. Because of this, you eat more food than your hunger. In such a situation, overeating can increase the problem of obesity. Due to increasing obesity, many diseases can surround the body. So do not use the phone even when eating food.

Poor digestive system

While eating food, all the attention is focused on running the phone. In such a situation, the focus is less on food and more on mobile. Because of this, the food is not chewed properly and swallowed directly. Due to this, food is not digested and digestive problems can occur. Due to this, problems like stomach ache and constipation can occur.



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