If the tongue is burnt due to hot food, then follow these home remedies immediately… You will get relief


Burnt tongue: Our tongue often burns due to hot food and drink. Many times we eat hot tea or food which burns our tongue. Therefore, it is said that eating too hot is harmful. Burning of the tongue causes a lot of difficulty in eating, drinking and speaking. In such a situation, it becomes very important to fix the tongue immediately. To fix the tongue we usually market out There are also medicines available but there are some home remedies that can relieve tongue irritation without side effects. Let’s know about some easily available remedies at home on tongue burns…

Drink cold water

Gently sipping cold water on the tongue burns provides relief in irritation. Cold water cools the burnt part of the tongue, which reduces irritation. Apart from this, sucking ice cubes by dipping in cold water also soothes the irritation of the tongue. Gargling with salt in cold water also provides relief in irritation and pain. Therefore, the use of cold water is effective when the tongue burns.

Yogurt or milk

Drinking yogurt or milk can also provide relief to the burnt tongue. The probiotics present in them can cool the tongue.


When the tongue burns, applying a thin layer of ghee on it provides relief in irritation. The fat present in ghee softens the surface of the tongue and reduces irritation.

Lemon juice

Whenever the tongue burns, it is beneficial to apply lemon juice on it. Lemon has properties like vitamin C and antioxidants, which help to heal the burnt surface of the tongue.

Misri and Sonth

Chewing mixed with mishri and fennel powder can also provide relief. Fennel has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which protect the tongue from infection.

Rinse with salt water

Rinsing with salt water can reduce swelling of the tongue and also reduce pain.


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