If you want to color hair at home, follow these 8 tips, hair will not be damaged, color will last for months


Nowadays, the trend of hair coloring has increased a lot, especially among college-going boys and girls, there is a tremendous craze for hair coloring, for this, they do not hesitate to go to the beauty parlor and get expensive hair coloring. Coloring hair is not only very expensive.Sometimes poor quality hair colors make hair lifeless, dull. Some people start hair by themselves at home, but special care needs to be taken while coloring hair at home.

Keep these things in mind while coloring hair at home

  1. According to the news published in The Indian Express, when you are going to color your hair on your own at home, first do a patch test. For this, mix a small amount of color in a bowl. Take a little this mixture and apply it on the skin or wrist behind your ear. After this, check for at least 24 hours if you have any allergies. If anyone If there is no allergy of any kind, then you can apply hair color yourself at home.
  2. Whatever hair color you buy from the market, make sure to read the instructions written on it thoroughly. For this, you do not throw the packet or box without using it. Once you read the method of using it properly on the packet and apply the hair color at home, then there will be no more damage to the hair and the hair will also be well colored.
  3. Leaving hair color on the box for longer than it is written about applying color to the hair can make the hair lifeless, dull and damaged. Follow the instructions to get good results.
  4. If you are going to do hair color yourself at home, then using non-ammonia hair color will be best for hair, it will avoid chemical smells, eye irritation as well as damage to the hair.
  5. If you have recently undergone any kind of hair treatment, avoid coloring the hair. For this, you should stop for a week and color the hair yourself, otherwise coloring immediately after hair treatment can damage the hair.
  6. Do not leave the color on the hair color box for longer than the hair has been told to leave the color in the hair. By doing this, the color in the hair will not increase deeper, but the hair can be damaged and brittle.
  7. If you want to color the hair, then you should avoid shampooing a day or two in advance. When your hair has not been washed for one to two days, sebum and natural oils present in the hair act as a protective shield on the scalp. It does not cause any harm to the hair and scalp. Itching on the scalp, There is no irritation. The color also climbs well on the hair.
  8. After applying color on the hair, you want it to last longer, if the color is not light, then avoid washing the hair with hot water.


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