Non-veg will not be needed for strong nerves, these 4 vegetarian foods are rich in vitamin B12


Many vitamins and nutrients are needed to keep the body healthy and fit. Deficiency of any vitamin leads to weakening of health. Similar is vitamin B12. It is very beneficial for health. B12 deficiency canlead to a variety of health problems. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to nerve weakness. Vitamin B12 deficiency causesnumbness and tingling in the hands. Non-vegetarians can easily get vitamin B12 from eggs, fish, red meat, etc. Vitamin B for its supply for vegetariansHealthy foods rich in 12 should be consumed. Let us tell you today foodsrich in vitamin B12.

  1. Dairy products: According to a news published in WebMD, vegetarians have to depend on certain foods to replenish vitamin B12, the basis for this is dairy products. Milk contains plenty of vitamin B12.It is very beneficial for health. Calcium is also found in abundance in milk. Milk in your diet to supplement vitamin B12, Be sure to include yogurt.
  2. Soy milk: For people who do not consume dairy foods, soy milk can be the best source of vitamin B12, it contains plenty of vitamin B12, it is very beneficial for health.You can also consume soy milk to supplement vitamin B12.
  3. Mushrooms: Mushrooms are rich in vitamin B12, itkeeps health healthy, it contains many other vitamins and nutrients. Vegetarians can include mushrooms in the diet to meet vitamin B12.
  4. Tofu: Tofu is considered to be an excellent source of vitamin B12, its consumption also provides many other nutrients including protein to the body.


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