Is period bloating bothering you? Follow 6 home remedies, mood will also be good with stomach pain


Overeating can cause stomach tightness i.e. bloating problems, but period bloating is an uncomfortable symptom for women that occurs in about 80 percent of women during the premenstrual cycle., There are also symptoms like feeling heaviness in , head, mood swings, but bloating increases these problems significantly. In such a situation, if you keep some simple things in mind and adopt these home remedies, then you can get permanent relief from this problem.,

Ways to get relief from period bloating

Eat home-cooked food

According to WomenHealth, , the amount of salt in the outside food is very high, due to salt, the stomach starts to feel swelling and the problem increases, so it is better that you eat food made at home.

Potassium, protein and fat

Include things in the diet that contain high amounts of potassium, protein and healthy fat. For this, you should include , tomatoes, dry fruits etc. in the diet.,

Drink more water

The more water or liquid you consume, the better your kidneys will function and feel relaxed. Therefore, include cucumber, tomatoes, water milan, etc. in the diet.,

Less use of fiber

These days you consume as much fiber as you have been doing. If you eat more fruits, , vegetables, etc. these days, then gas can form in your stomach and you may feel stretch in the stomach.

Light exercise is necessary

Experts believe that if your heart rate is high these days, then the symptoms of PMS will be under control. Research has found that the problem of bloating can be overcome by doing 8 weeks of aerobic exercise.

Get plenty of sleep

These days, there are many such changes in the body, due to which the problem of mood swings, , bloating bloats botherus. In such a situation, take at least 8 hours of sleep.



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