Is excessive sweating a sign of a heart attack? This information given by the doctor can save lives


Heart attack symptoms: Sweating is also an important sign in many symptoms of heart attack. It is normal for people to sweat in India, but sweating during a heart attack is slightly different from normal.

Heart attacks are not as common as colds and fevers, so most people do not understand its symptoms. Some symptoms of a heart attack also seem like acidity or gas, due to which people become confused. If treatment is received within the golden hour of a heart attack, then life can be saved. Therefore, these symptoms should not be ignored such as chest pain, increased blood pressure, vomiting and heavy sweating. Yes, excessive sweating along with other symptoms is also an important sign of heart attack. Cardiologist Aarti Lal Chandani has given some symptoms from which heart attack can be identified.

Sweating is a symptom of a heart attack, but…

Dr. Chandani has shared a video on his social media accounts. In this, he told that sweating is also one of the many symptoms of heart attack. When sweating so much that the clothes get wet. Sweating is usually common because there is humidity and heat in India. Sweating is not always a symptom of a heart attack.

This is the pain of a heart attack.

Before the heart attack, there will be chest pain, confusion and there will be trouble or pressure in the middle of the chest. You won’t understand what’s going on. It will be very difficult. This pain or pressure will not be in a small area but in a large area. There will be pain in more space than a handful of areas. This pen will spread. There is less excavity at the bottom and expands upwards. You may feel suffocated in the throat, heaviness in the hands, weight on the shoulders, or tightness on the chest. You may feel like you can’t breathe. Along with this, if there is a strong sweat, then it becomes an important symptom of heart attack.

This causes sweating

Dr. Chandani said that if there is an angina pain, then there is not so much sweating. When the artery starts to be blocked by the clot, a part of the heart starts to die, only then there is a strong sweat. There may also be vomiting. If this happens, you should go to a cardiologist.



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