Know why the body starts to tighten in winter, these easy remedies will cause pain


The winter season has arrived in North India. People eagerly wait for this season. But this season also brings with it many problems. The most common problem is joint and knee pain. In this season, stiffness of the body and pain in the joints is a common problem. According to experts, there is less sunlight in winter, due to which the level of vitamin D in the human body starts decreasing. Due to this, many parts of the body such as joints and bones start to suffer in this season. Also, people who are struggling with diseases like arthritis have even more pain. As the cold increases, the pain of their joints also increases at the same pace. But by taking care of these few things, you can take care of yourself in the best way.

Do not let vitamin D deficiency occur

In winter, vitamin D deficiency is the highest in our body, due to which our body starts to stiffen. And there is pain in the joints. In such a situation, sunlight in this season is like a life-saving herb for you. Therefore, with at least half an hour of sunlight every day, you should increase the amount of vitamin D in your food.

Do yoga

In the cold season, people often become careless about their health and become lazy. Your body has to pay the price of which in the form of disease. Therefore, to keep yourself fit, you should start yoga in your life. By doing yoga, not only will you be fit but many diseases will also leave you behind. To reduce joint pain, you should start giddasana and pranayama. Also, always keep stretching during the day. Actually, due to sitting in front of the computer for several hours, there is stiffness in your joints. So keep moving your body.

Take care of these things

To keep the body warm in this season, it is most important that you choose the right clothes.

To avoid cold in this season, you should eat hot taseer food.

Also, include green vegetables in your diet. Their consumption will relieve bone pain. Eat fenugreek laddus in winter, consume garlic on an empty stomach

Sesame oil strengthens bones. So start cooking with sesame oil in your kitchen.

To increase vitamin D, include ragi flour in your diet. Calcium and iron are found in plenty in it.

To avoid joint pain, bake the joints with warm water.


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