Lack of this mineral causes fatigue and irritability in the body, get treatment immediately without delay


Iron deficiency in the body: Even after eating well and getting plenty of sleep, some people have fatigue and weakness throughout the day. If this problem persists for a long time, irritability starts to arise in nature. If the same is happening to you, then understand that there is a lack of iron in the body. Iron is an essential mineral to keep our body healthy. Due to lack of iron, red blood cells start decreasing in the body, due to which there is a lack of blood in the body and hemoglobin also starts decreasing. Lack of iron weakens immunity and increases the risk of infection in the body. Weakness and fatigue throughout the day is a symptom of iron deficiency. Learn how to identify whether there is iron deficiency in the body or not and how to overcome it.

Symptoms of iron deficiency

The first symptoms that appear when there is iron deficiency are fatigue and weakness. Such people can also have problems with headache and dizziness. Due to low red blood cells, the color of the body starts to turn yellow. Such people may have problems with breathing problems and sometimes discomfort. Iron deficiency can increase the problem of hair loss. The skin starts to dry and the color of the nail also starts to turn white. Due to low energy levels, there is irritability in nature.

Iron deficiency disease

Due to lack of iron for a long time, you can become a victim of anemia.

People who have iron deficiency, their hemoglobin also starts going down.

Iron deficiency also weakens tissues and muscles and increases pain.

People who are struggling with iron deficiency feel difficulty in breathing and lack of oxygen.

Iron deficiency weakens the immune system and you start falling sick quickly.

What to eat to overcome iron deficiency

Iron is a mineral found in many food and drink things. If there is a lack of iron in the body, include iron-rich things in the diet. For iron, you can make beetroot, spinach, carrots and eggs. Eating raisins and black sesame seeds also provides plenty of iron to the body. Iron deficiency can be met by consuming dates, wheat grass and moringa. Apart from this, mutton and fish are also good iron sources for people who eat non-veg. Iron is found most in green vegetables. By eating things rich in iron as well as vitamin C, the body is able to absorb iron well.


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