Learn how to keep the liver healthy with Ayurvedaacharya Kritika Upadhyay, do these remedies


Do you have a habit of taking medicine for a little problem? Do you take antibiotics immediately as soon as you have common cold-stomach pain? Do you eat painkillers? If so, should you quit this habit right now? Because the government’s big medical research agency ICMR is also now describing antibiotic and drug dose as dangerous, now you must be wondering what to take if you do not take antibiotics.?

However, at this time, not one or two enemies of health are standing in front of them, there is heavy snowfall on the mountains. The weather has become cold due to rain and cold wind in the plains. Humidity is increasing in the atmosphere and toxic air on it is adding to the troubles. In such a situation, the immunity of healthy people has also started responding. Cases of cold-cough, viral fever, bodypain, sinus, pneumonia are increasing and to avoid this, people are taking antibiotics and medicines without consulting doctors, which is weakening the body. It is also making the liver and kidneys sick.

People may eat medicine for instant relief. But they do not understand that toxins start accumulating on the liver, the liver produces more enzymes than necessary, which increases the risk of liver damage. One is already 1 in every 5 people who have liver damage. High antibiotic and drug access from above will further increase the risk of the dose.

In such a situation, it is also necessary to understand that the role of liver in the body is very important. After digesting food, filtering blood, separating waste products from blood or maintaining cholesterol is not possible without the liver. That is to say, do not make medicine a habit, adopt Yoga-Ayurveda and make the organs of the body so strong that there is no need to swallow bitter pills.

Liver healthy, perfect health

The largest gland of the body

About 1.5 Kg weight

Most Nutrition Stores

Detoxes the body

Liver work

Making enzymes

Blood filtering

Removing toxins

Cholesterol Control


Making protein

Increase immunity

What is the cause of liver problems??

Fried and roasted food

Spicy food

Fatty Foods

Junk food

Refined sugar


Causes of fatty liver disease

High cholesterol




Sleep apnea


Avoid these things for healthy liver

Saturated fat

Too much salt


Processed Food

Carbonated drinks


What to eat for a healthy liver

Seasonal fruits

Whole grains

Low Fat Dairy Products

Take special care of these tips

Take care of the liver from a young age

Eat vegetarian food

Eat plant-based food


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