Panjiri and jaggery are powerhouses of nutrition for new mothers


The Ministry of AYUSH has advised new mothers to consume products made from jaggery and millet. This improves the health of both mother and child. The Ministry has written in its advisory that Panjiri works like a powerhouse for the nutrition of new mothers. In such a situation, when mothers need more strength and nutrition, Panjiri helps a lot.
According to the ministry, mothers should also include jaggery, sesame, ragi and peanuts in their diet so that the body can get the essential substances it needs and maintain better health.
According to Ayurvedacharya Kritika Upadhyay, jaggery not only removes toxins from the body but also produces heat and blood in the body. Mothers need more energy, which they can get immediately from jaggery. In India, since ancient times, items made from jaggery have been given to new mothers. Especially Panjiri is given to the new mother in every Indian house. Ghee is used in Panjiri. Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B, Vitamin-E and Vitamin-K are found in sufficient quantities in it. Which helps in improving digestion.
Ghee, dry fruits, jaggery and ragi should be used in Panjiri, poppy seeds should also be added. All these provide strength and are very effective in quickly normalizing the body after pregnancy. Panjiri is also mentioned in Indian traditions. It should be eaten immediately after giving birth to replenish the required energy.


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