Why does liver infection occur, know what to do


Liver infection is a serious disease in which the liver becomes infected. In this, there is a problem of inflammation in the liver and the tissues of the liver start getting damaged from inside. This affects liver function and over time it can cause many types of problems. The biggest fear is the spread of infection, due to which the liver can be completely damaged. But, the thing to understand is what is the reason for this and what things are beneficial to eat in this problem and what should not be eaten. So, let’s know about all these things in detail.

Why does liver infection occur?

The biggest cause of liver infection is virus and parasite infections that cause damage in the liver and then they start reaching other parts of the body through liver cells. These viruses and parasites can reach the liver in many ways. as

  • Due to contaminated food or water
  • Close contact with an infected person
  • Contact with the excreta of an infected person
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Due to Hepatitis C
  • Due to immune disease

What to eat in liver infection

Avoid consuming processed foods containing saturated and trans fats in liver infections. Such as red meat, butter, cheese, fried food, sweet things, candy, cakes, cookies, soda and juice. However, in this situation you can take green leafy vegetables, olive oil, nuts and seeds, oats and coconut water. Apart from this, drinking green tea can also be beneficial in this situation.

Apart from all these things, avoid the consumption of alcohol. Also, avoid eating and drinking anything anywhere. Do not smoke and eat a healthy diet. Also, to keep the liver healthy, follow an active lifestyle and take a healthy diet.


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