World Mental Health Day 2023: These 5 foods keep your brain health good, include it immediately in the diet


World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year on October 10. The purpose behind celebrating World Mental Health is to make people aware of their mental health and provide information about mental illnesses. A different theme is set every year for World Mental Health Day.

You have often heard people say, ‘As you eat food, so will the mind’. If you examine this proverb according to the medical world, then it fits perfectly. Actually, what a person is eating has a direct impact not only on his physical health but also on mental health. Depression, anxiety and many serious mental problems are associated with food. Through the right and balanced diet, a person can avoid many mental problems. Vitamin B deficiency creates confusion.

At the same time, antioxidant foods increase the secretion of happy hormones in the body. Similarly, other vitamins, minerals and proteins also play a role in keeping mental health right. The body gets all these nutrients from food. On this special occasion of World Mental Health, let’s know from Dr. Rahul Chandok, Principal Consultant, Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Artemis Hospital (Gurgaon) and Dr. Tanya Kaushik, Psychologist Dr. Tanya Kaushik how you can maintain your mental health by including certain foods in your routine.

To maintain mental health, include these 5 things in the diet-

Fruits and vegetables-

Consumption of fruits and vegetables is very important not only for physical but also mental health. Just as green leafy vegetables have anti-depressant properties. In the same way, many fruits also play an important role in maintaining mental health. However, while adopting a plant-based diet, a person should take special care that his diet does not include refined and processed things. For mental health, you can include bananas, avocados, carrots, tomatoes, spinach and other green leafy vegetables in the diet.

Whole grains

Consumption of whole grains is considered very good for the body. These are placed in the category of complex carbohydrates. These increase the secretion of serotonin in the body, which keeps the mind happy. In comparison, flour, white rice, maida and bread are simple carbohydrates, which do not benefit the body. Rather, in some situations, simple carbohydrates cause harm to the body. Oatmeal, beans, brown rice, soy, and oats are good examples of whole grains. Beans contain fiber and antioxidants, which strengthen memory.

Nuts and walnuts

According to a study published in the scientific journal Nutrients, those who regularly consume any type of nuts i.e. dry fruits are less likely to have depression than other people. Among these, the most beneficial is by eating walnuts. Unsaturated fat is present in nuts. Research suggests that those who eat more unsaturated fat and eat less saturated fat also have a lower risk of anxiety. Olive oil, flax seeds and nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help maintain good brain health.

Yogurt and other dairy products

Everyone knows how beneficial yogurt is for good health. Yogurt also plays an important role in keeping mental health right. Probiotic yogurt helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Vitamin B12 plays a very important role in brain health. Cheese is a good source of it. Similarly, dairy products increase the level of tryptophan in the blood, which leads to good sleep, which is necessary to keep mental health right.

Chia Seeds –

Chia seeds are rich in iron, calcium, protein, healthy fat and vitamin B. All these nutrients play an important role in keeping mental health right. Adding chia seeds to the daily diet helps to keep the functioning of neurotransmitters correct. It is also helpful in increasing the secretion of serotonin, which improves mood. Also, omega-3 fatty acids found in it reduce the risk of stress and anxiety.

These things harm mental health-

Just as some diets are good for mental health, some diets also harm mental health. The first name is Chinese. Consuming sugar is not good for the brain. Regular intake of sugar increases depression and anxiety. White bread also plays a role in deteriorating mental health and increasing stress. One of the important names in this is caffeine. Usually many people drink coffee when they experience some fatigue. The caffeine found in coffee fills the body with enthusiasm for that time, but if coffee is consumed more, it starts causing anxiety. Fast food, fried food and processed meats are also very dangerous for mental health.


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