World Sight Day 2023: How to take care of your eyes while working at a desk


World Sight Day 2023: Nowadays, cases of poor eyesight are increasing due to spending more time on computers and mobiles, not paying attention to eye health, lack of nutritious diet, not taking care of eyes. Also, many types of problems related to blurred vision, dryness, eye irritation or double vision i.e. double vision and eye are arising.

Effects of computer or mobile on the eyes

Nowadays, due to doing most of the work on mobile and computer, many types of problems related to eyes are arising in people than before. Actually, constantly looking at them creates pressure on the muscles of the eyes. That’s because our eyelids also blink less during work at this time, which eliminates the moisture of the eyes. After some time you also feel blurred ness in the eyes.

How much screen time affects the eyes?

Looking at the screen for a long time can damage your eyes. This can cause problems like blurred vision, eye strain, dryness in the eyes, headache, eye pain. Not only this, there may also be pain in your shoulder and neck.

How to take care of your eyes while working at a desk?

-To take care of the eyes, first of all, keep in mind that do not sit on the screen of mobile or computer for a long time.

-Do not stare at the computer or laptop mobile for a long time.

-Keep closing and opening your eyelids once in a while.

Follow the 20-20-20 rule.

-According to this rule, if you are constantly working on a computer or mobile, then after 20 minutes, take the attention away from there and focus on something else at a distance of 20 feet for 20 seconds.

-Whenever you go to sleep, keep the mobile aside about 1 hour before going to bed.

Let us know that the 20-20-20 rule protects your eyes from many problems and keeps the eyes safe. By doing this exercise, the muscles of your eyes get relief and also get rid of stress. Apart from this, keep young children away from these types of gadgets, motivate them to play in the field instead of playing online games. Apart from this, include green vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products in foods. Get good sleep, which gives you mental peace and also relaxes your eyes.


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