Yoga and Ayush are hoisting their glory across the world: Sarbananda Sonowal


The world is looking forward for Holistic Healthcare. Today Yoga and Ayush are hoisting their glory across the world. Stated by Union Minister of Ayush and Ports, Shipping and Waterways Sarbananda Sonowal during Regional Review Meeting of Six states, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh organized by Ministry of Ayush in Patna, Bihar today.

Ministry of Ayush is supporting the efforts of State/UT Governments for implementation of different activities as proposed by them through their respective State Annual Action Plans (SAAPs) under Centrally Sponsored Scheme of National Ayush Mission (NAM). NAM is being implemented with the vision and objectives to provide Ayush health care services throughout the country by strengthening and improving Ayush health care facilities, to provide informed choice to the needy public. The Union Cabinet has approved for operationalization of 12,500 Ayush Health and Wellness Centres (AHWCs) by the Ministry of Ayush through State/UT Governments as a component of NAM by the year 2023-24.

Ministry of Ayush has so far released Rs 1712.54 Crores to 07 States (Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal) under NAM since 2014-15. Ministry has also supported 58 Integrated Ayush hospitals in States till 2022-23 and out of that 14 are operational as reported by themOut of 12,500 AHWCs, Ministry has already supported 4235 AHWCs in these 07 States and out of that 3439 are reported functional by them.

Under NAM, Ministry has also supported for setting up of a New Ayurvedic Medical College at Ayodhya, New Homoeopathic Medical College at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh during 2022-23 and Yoga and Naturopathy College at Howrah, West Bengal.

The Union Minister urged personally to the Ayush team of Uttar Pradesh & West Bengal to speed up the construction work of Ayush Educational Institutes at the earliest and make it functional. He requested to State Governments to take up immediate steps for expedition of construction works of approved integrated Ayush hospitals and make them functional at the earliest so that people can avail the Ayush services.

Union Minister also appealed to the States to emphasis on implementation of Ayush public Health Programs as included in the NAM guidelines for providing various Ayush interventions to the community for holistic approach of health. The programs like Ayurvidya: promotion of healthy lifestyle through Ayush for school children, Supraja: Ayush Maternal & Neonatal intervention, Vayomitra: Ayush based geriatric programme, Prevention and management of Osteoarthritis and other Musculoskeletal disorders, Ayush Mobile Medical units etc. will strengthen the Ayush systems. State Governments  specially Bihar , Uttar Pradesh , Chhattisgarh is also requested to take up National Program on Ayush for Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention (MMDP) of Lymphatic Filariasis on widely basis in prone areas.

On this occasion, Union Minister of State Dr. Munjapara Mahendabhai said “Ministry of Ayush has National Institute of Homoeopathy at Kolkata, West Bengal and a satellite institute namely National Institute of Unani Medicine, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh as well as 26 peripheral Central/Regional Research Institutes/Centres /Clinical Research Units / Drug standardization unit etc. under Research Councils in participating States.  Most of them are present here and they have been sensitized for providing support to State Governments for implementation of the different activities and Public Health Programmes under NAM including capacity building & training of State Programme Management Unit (SPMU)/ Community Health Officers (CHOs), Telemedicine, sharing of the best practices of the Public Health Programs, IEC, Monitoring and field visits etc.

Secretary Ministry of Ayush Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha stated in his speech that National Ayush Mission is a flagship scheme of Ministry of Ayush being implemented through State/UT Governments for development and promotion of Ayush systems in the country. With reference to the last year, the budgetary provisions for the NAM Scheme has also increased from 800 crore to 1200 crore.


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