Ayurveda: Use Black pepper in food Cure both weight and hypothyroidism


Thyroid is one of the endocrine glands. This butterfly-shaped gland present in the neck produces thyroxine hormone which affects our body’s ability to spend energy and many functions. The thyroid is one of the most important, yet poorly managed organs in your body. When it malfunctions, it can cause many serious problems like weight gain and energy loss. A poorly functioning thyroid needs a boost from a rich and high-quality diet.

Remedies for thyroid :-

  1. Cure both weight and hypothyroidism with black pepper.

Piperine is a special chemical which is found in abundance in black pepper and it is an amazing fat burner. Often women gain weight rapidly due to low thyroxine level, piperine can get rid of this problem.

Those who have hypothyroidism problem, just crush 21 black peppers and eat them together every morning for 15 days, positive results are certain.

  1. Take 25 grams of pure cinnamon, the spicier it is, the better. Grind it and make powder and consume a pinch of powder mixed with onion juice.

Do this experiment with stale mouth for 21 days. After 21 days of consumption, thyroid will become normal and will never increase again. Repeat the experiment after 3 months and you will get definite benefits.

  1. Soak 2 teaspoons of whole coriander in a glass of water overnight and crush it in the morning and boil it. When one-fourth of the water remains, filter it and drink it on an empty stomach. Gargle by adding salt to lukewarm water every day. Doing this experiment daily is beneficial for thyroid.
  2. Use of wheat and jowar: To prevent the enlargement of the thyroid gland, you can consume wheat and jowar. Wheatgrass is a better and simple natural remedy to remove thyroid problem in Ayurveda. Apart from this, it also works effectively in preventing problems like sinus, high blood pressure and anemia.
    • Treatment of hyperthyroidism :-
  1. In case of hyperthyroidism, if green tea is taken 2-2 cups 4 times a day, one can get relief from thyroid within 4-6 months.
  2. Add 2 spoons of ginger juice to 2 cups of bottle gourd juice and take it every night, an hour before sleeping.
  3. Take coriander 1 spoon + fennel 1 spoon + cumin 1 spoon and boil it in 3 glasses of water in the morning. When 1 glass of water is left, filter it and do not eat anything for 30 minutes in the morning.

Ayurvedic medicines :-
It is prepared by adding Trikut Churna + Triphala Churna + Vaybidang + Ajwain + Chitrakamool + Tamra Bhasma + Loha Bhasma + Ras Sindoor etc. in special proportions. Can be prepared in consultation with the doctor.

Foods worth eating in thyroid :-
The thyroid is one of the most important, yet poorly managed organs in your body. When it malfunctions, it can cause many serious problems like weight gain and energy loss. A poorly functioning thyroid needs a boost from a rich and high-quality diet. One of the most important nutrients for a thyroid diet is iodine.

  1. Brazil Nuts One of the most amazing thyroid foods, Brazil nuts are rich in a nutrient called selenium. It acts as a balancing thing for your thyroid. With its help your thyroid runs smoothly and efficiently.

Eating one Brazil nut every day should be enough to help reduce the symptoms of poor thyroid function. Why ? One Brazil nut contains your full daily dose of selenium. However, eating more of these nuts can help manage a dysfunctional thyroid better and keep it operating at adequate levels. That’s why it’s a great idea to include these and other types of tree nuts in your pantry as healthy snacks.

  1. Fruits (especially apples) You’ve probably heard the old joke that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Although it may sound silly, this phrase is accurate when it comes to thyroid disease. Being rich in vitamins, the fruit is very beneficial for thyroid disease. It also absorbs heavy metals present in the body which can seriously affect the functioning of your thyroid.

Apples, in particular, have been found to be one of the healthiest foods for your thyroid. Therefore, eating at least 3-4 servings of fruits every day is an important way to keep your thyroid operating smoothly and efficiently. Try a fruit salad for one of the easiest and most effective ways to eat more fruits.

  1. Dairy If you are not lactose intolerant then dairy foods are a good idea for your thyroid. It is rich in protein and many other vitamins and minerals that help activate your thyroid and keep it running at high levels. That said, it’s also important to carefully monitor your intake of dairy products to avoid stomach upset or other problems that can aggravate the thyroid even more.

Healthy sources of dairy include cheese, different types of milk and yogurt. As we will discuss yogurt in more depth below, we will not focus right now on how to include it in your diet. However, a cup of milk and a sprinkle of cheese on top of various dishes can help your thyroid run more efficiently and effectively increase your metabolism.


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