How to apply saffron on the face? Do you know its Ayurvedic benefits?


You may have heard many benefits of eating saffron, but there are many benefits of applying it on the face. Due to pollution and dust, the color of the face decreases and many problems related to the face start in the monsoon season. In such a situation, the use of saffron is beneficial. Here we are going to tell you the use of saffron on the face, by doing which the effect on your face will be visible in 15 days.

Saffron water for the face

The use of saffron rich in antioxidant properties removes acne and stains on the face. Washing the face with saffron water daily relieves oily and dry skin. To make saffron water, put 8 to 10 threads of saffron in 2 liters of water and keep it overnight. Clean your face with this water in the morning and wash the face with saffron water even before sleeping in the evening. If you do this for 15 days, you will see the effect clearly on the face.

Saffron in milk for the face

Massaging the face with saffron milk is also beneficial. For this, mix 4 to 5 threads of saffron in a bowl of milk and keep it overnight. Massage the face with this milk in the morning and then wash the face with clean water after 20 minutes. Applying saffron milk on the face daily improves and reduces stains.

Saffron with coconut oil

Mixing saffron with coconut oil also improves the face. For this, soak 4 to 5 saffron threads in 2 teaspoons of water overnight. Mix 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in saffron water in the morning and massage it on your face and wash the face with clean water after 30 to 40 minutes. By doing this daily, you will start seeing the effect on the face.


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