It is better to drink tea or coffee in the morning


If we ask you what is the first thing you do in the morning, most people will say that you drink tea or take coffee. This is the situation in most of our homes. However, almost everyone knows that consuming both these things first thing in the morning can make you sick. Due to this, your digestive system can be affected and then you can become a victim of acidity, gas and indigestion. But, one of these is less harmful and one is a little more. So, who’s better? Tea or coffee (is it better to drink tea or coffee in the morning). Let’s know the correct factual answer to this question.

It is better to drink tea or coffee in the morning

Tea contains less caffeine than coffee. Like coffee, tea can also help relieve morning fatigue. Just coffee can give you more energy than tea, but, on an empty stomach, its disadvantages are also different. Apart from this, the caffeine in tea is not the only thing that will help wake you up and give your brain a start in the morning, but tea also contains L-theanine and amino acids that slow down the speed at which caffeine is absorbed by the body. This can avoid the disadvantages of taking too much caffeine in the morning such as gas and problems related to the digestive system.

However, high levels of caffeine in coffee will affect your stomach (which is more harmful, tea or coffee) from the morning. Compared to tea, your metabolic rate will be faster and the production of acid bile juice will increase. Due to this, if you do not eat properly throughout the day, then there will be acidity in your body and you can be troubled by gas. But if you drink half a cup of tea, you will not feel this problem. So, in this sense, drinking tea is a better option for the morning.

Just take half to 1 cup of tea in the morning.

You need to balance and control the amount of caffeine going into your body. You should try to take caffeine in the same amount that it improves your brain activity. Apart from this, it should not affect the metabolic rate of your stomach, which will cause you other problems. So, even if you take tea, do not take more than half a cup or 1 cup of tea. Also, try to take 2 biscuits with it so that you can protect yourself from the disadvantages of drinking tea on an empty stomach.


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