Winter is coming, know how to take care of your bones


Winter is coming and with this, the problem of joint pain and swelling will increase. Actually, it is a disease of osteoarthritis in which inflammation in the joints increases. What happens in this is that the protective shield present at the ends of the bones that work as cushioning reduces their work. Osteoarthritis mostly affects burden-bearing joints such as the knee and back. Also, with the fall in temperature, blood circulation slows down, stiffness in the bones increases and this increases pain.

  1. Take special care of the diet
  • Include light and home-cooked food in the food.

Use vitamin C and D supplements, as they help improve joint health.

  • Eat green vegetables, peanuts, bean seeds and sesame seeds in a nutritious diet.
  1. Exercise

-Exercise for joint health, such as vakrasana and exercise biking.

  • Do the exercise in a balanced manner and protect the joints from excessive pressure.
  1. Take care of the right posture

Maintaining the right posture is important for the health of the joints.

Do not sit in the same position for a long time and exercise from time to time. Not doing this slows down blood circulation, which increases the problem of joints.

  1. Control weight

If you are overweight, joint problems may increase.

Regular yoga and exercise can be helpful in losing weight. So do this without delay.

So, by following the above tips to reduce the problem of osteoarthritis in this way you can improve the health of your joints and avoid triggering this pain and inflammation.


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