Winter season is coming, do not eat at all in the evening, these 3 things will not fall sick


With the sudden change in weather, we have moved towards winter. In such a situation, keeping a lifestyle like summer can make us sick. For example, in the summer, we used to consume cold foods, but now eating them can increase phlegm. Apart from this, it can weaken our body, due to which we can become a victim of infection. Apart from this, there are many disadvantages of eating these fruits and vegetables. What are these, know about these things and why we should avoid eating them in the evening.

  1. Yogurt

The weather has changed but many of us are still eating yogurt in the evening. Eating raita or yogurt vegetables. However, it is not good for health. Because it affects the phlegm, which can increase the problem of colds. Apart from this, people who have problems related to lungs should completely stop consuming yogurt after noon.

  1. Drinking coconut water

Although the right time to drink coconut water is in the morning, but drinking it in the evening in this season can promote many problems. It can cool your body while with winter you need to feel warm. In such a situation, the problem of cold and cough can bother you. So, stop drinking coconut water at all at this time.

  1. Cucumber

Eating cucumber causes colds and colds in this season. Cucumber cools the stomach and causes colds and colds. From summer till now, we have been eating salad, but now eating it in the evening causes cough and cold. So, avoid consuming these things in the evening. Instead, eat hot foods in the evening. Such as jaggery and protein-rich vegetables.


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