Sleeping in socks at night is dangerous! This infection can occur in nails and feet


For better sleep, the room needs slow light, slow music, a quiet atmosphere, while some people believe that wearing socks at night helps them sleep better at night, but experts say that doing so can be dangerous to health. Pharmacist Abbas Kanani of Chemist Click said, citing a research from, “Bed socks, used in cold environments, can have a positive impact on sleep quality as well as some negative effects.’

What the research says

Research has further shown that wearing socks in bed has made sleep longer and people are opening up less sleep during the night. Wearing socks overnight helps to lower body temperature. But on the other hand, if someone wears tight-fitting socks, then there may be some physical problems.

“Unless your doctor recommends wearing socks, avoid sleeping with socks, in fact, tight socks reduce blood flow from the feet and when you are lying down, blood flow can be blocked,” says Kanani. If it is not passing. If a person’s feet become very hot and sweat then it can also increase the chances of fungal nail infection.’

Fungal nail infections

The National Health Service says that fungal nail infections usually start at the edge of the toenail and then spread. Fungal nail infections can make the nail discolored, thick and broken. Fungal nail infections can cause pain and swelling in the surrounding skin. If you also have this problem and you also sleep wearing socks, then there may be a relationship between the two. See a doctor for treatment.

Fungal infections usually affect toenails more than fingernails, possibly because your toes are usually confined to shoes, where they’re in a warm, moist environment.

They are at higher risk of nail infections

Nail infections occur more often in men than in women and this infection is more common in adults than children. If your family members often have these types of fungal infections then you are also more likely to get them. Older adults are more prone to fungal nail infections because of their lower circulation. With aging, nails also grow slowly and become thicker.



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